What is the difference between cloud backup and disaster recovery?

Imagine that during a thunderstorm, lightning strikes your office and burns out all of your electronic devices. The financial loss of replacing all equipment is great, but the loss of all information and business processes can be immeasurable.

Having a backup of your business information is important not only in situations like the ones mentioned above, but also during cyber attacks, for example. Or would it be better to have a disaster recovery plan and make sure operations are not impacted?

Do you have any doubts? Then this article is for you!

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When it comes to making copies of data in order to store them in a different environment than the original in order to prevent their loss, we speak of backup. However, it is not enough to keep this information, it is also necessary to protect it and to be able to access it quickly if necessary. Hence, it is ideal to use the cloud backup service.

Cloud storage enables data security to be increased, as it can be encrypted at the source, accessed completely or granularly and also stored on external media.

Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery, however, is associated with business continuity, i.e., more than data storage, DR is planning processes that enable your company to respond in the event of an interruption to services and/or applications.

For this reason, it is important to keep critical information safe in the cloud and to have processes and methods in place that have an infrastructure that can put this planning into practice and restore your entire environment with the right settings so that you can prove your operations unforeseen.

But how do I ultimately choose the ideal for my company?

Although the concepts are very similar, one compliments the other, so the ideal choice would be to go for both! Since data alone does not guarantee the operation of your company, but without the information being fully available when required, operations are also compromised.

Another point to consider is that in the event of a disaster recovery, if the backup is inefficient, it can be slow to restore operations, affecting the productivity (and even reputation!) of your business.

If you are still unsure or want to understand a little better how these two services work, talk to an Ativer. We have a team ready to answer all your questions and help your business go through a true digital transformation towards the cloud.

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